W H A T     I S     L O V E ?

In the game of love, there are winners and losers. In The Losers’ Club, Richard Perez tries to answer the eternal question. Set in downtown New York City, The Losers’ Club tells the story of Martin Sierra, an unlucky writer addicted to the personals. His journey brings us into the East Village, pre-9/11—and in contact with Nikki, his dream woman, who remains unattainable romantically yet becomes his friend and confidant during his illuminating misadventures. Populated with characters and surprises few will ever forget, this energetic, comic novel is as much about a generation (we won't say "X") as it is about a specific time and place.

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“I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down until I finished…. I was simply impressed that these were real, instantly recognizable people…poor lonely bastards of every stripe resorting to utter humiliation and personal endangerment in the barest hope of hooking up with a kindred spirit.
It’s a brave book with a great deal of heart.”

 —Poppy Z. Brite

“A very beautiful valentine to a time and place almost faded from existence.”
Mary Gaitskill,
Bad Behavior, Because They Wanted To

“Funny and endearing—and wisely not so hip as to avoid
a good grab for your heart.”
Marcie Hershman,
Safe in America, Tales of the Master Race

The Losers' Club is a vibrant and hopeful anthem for all of us 'losers' who choose not to wallow (for too long!) in our despair and who find the will to keep searching.”— Heather Lowcock, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Lexington KY*


The Losers' Club: Complete Restored Edition! 
by Richard Perez

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The Losers' Club: Complete Restored Edition! 

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